X. Machines and Mentality

Chair: Marcello Guarini (University of Windsor, Canada: <mguarini@uwindsor.ca>)
Chair: Paul Bello (Office of Naval Research: <paul.bello@navy.mil>)

The Society for Machines and Mentality (SFMM) is interested in advancing the philosophical understanding of issues involving artificial intelligence, philosophy, and cognitive science. This society has become a Special Interest Group (SIG) of IA-CAP. For its first ever IA-CAP track, the SFMM SIG invites papers dealing with machine implementable accounts of mental state attribution. Can machines attribute mental states (or “mind read”)? How might they be constructed to do so? (Theory-theory? Simulation Theory? Other approaches?) What constraints are operative on how we understand mental states, and how might these motivate or obviate attempts to computationally model mental state attribution? In what contexts might we want machines that could mind read? How does the machine attribution of mentality relate to other problems in the different subfields of philosophy (epistemology, ethics, metaphysics, …).