4. Technosecurity

Chair:Jutta Weber (TechnischeUniversitätBraunschweig: <jutta.weber@tu-bs.de>)
Chair: Doris Allhutter (Institut fürTechnikfolgen-Abschätzung, ÖsterreichischeAkademie der Wissenschaften: <doris.allhutter@oeaw.ac.at>)

The spread of convergent „security‟ and surveillance architectures is a global phenomenon with its practices deeply embedded in everyday life. Tight networks of interconnected databases with biometrical, DNA or communication data, CCTV, robots, and other technologies are used to monitor inter/national borders, regulate the access to welfare benefits or money machines, target „terrorists‟, perform „crowd control‟ or select employees. Biological identification, (risk) profiling and anticipatory tracking systems are rapidly „flourishing‟ and are becoming crucial tools – not only in military and law enforcement but business, health care, tourism, urban planning, transport, and many other fields. Thereby, security and surveillance technologies are functioning as mechanisms of standardization, social sorting and in- and exclusion along axes such as gender, dis/ability, class, „race‟, and religion. Along with the ubiquitous practices of surveillance and securitization, research in military technologies (robotic and digital warfare) and the development of dual use applications for „crowd control‟ (non-lethal weapons, ubiquitous computing & sensory networks, etc.) have been exploding since the mid1990s, while human rights and international law are at least partially undermined.
We invite contributions dealing with one of the following issues:
– Everyday practices of monitoring, tracking & risk profiling and the emergence of culture(s) of fear, security „needs‟ and risk governance
– Surveillance technologies and human rights with regard to interdependent aspects of gender, dis/ability, class, „race‟, and religion
– Mechanisms of standardization, categorization, in-/exclusion through technologies of In/Security
– Reconfiguration of bodies and identities through surveillance technologies
– The entanglement of surveillance, security and military technologies (dual use; proliferation of military technologies in civil life, etc.)
– Techno-security and (re-)militarization; aspects of (re-)militarization and its interplay with the (re-)masculinisation of society and everyday life