5. Information & Robot Ethics

Chair: John Sullins (Sonoma State University, CA: <john.sullins@sonoma.edu>)
Chair: Mark Coeckelbergh (Twente, the Netherlands: <m.j.k.coeckelbergh@utwente.nl>)

This track deals with all ethical, meta‐ethical, social, political and legal issues related to the use and development of computers, cognitive ((semi-)autonomous) systems and information technology. This includes, but is in no way limited to, issues concerning privacy, intellectual property, robots, Internet governance, artificial agency, data gathering, digital divides, computer mediated communication, professional responsibility, globalization, cybercrime and foundational issues.
We welcome contributions from not only philosophers, but also scholars of law, social science, cultural studies, media studies and other fields of applied ethics, and encourage contributions from computer professionals working on ethical issues.