8. It, Culture & Globalization

Chair:SorajHongladarom (Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok:(<s.hongladarom@gmail.com>)
Chair: Philip Brey (Twente: <P.A.E.Brey@utwente.nl>)

This track focuses on a web of problems that emerge as a result of the interaction among IT, cultures and globalization. IT has been a powerful engine of globalization; not only is information itself moving at the speed of light, but the information embodies ideas, worldviews, as well as huge amount of funds. It also embodies either powerful way of keeping governments in line or potential threats to security in the case of Wikileaks, whose influence clearly is not limited only to the US. This flow of information does not respect national borders or cultural boundaries. It is very interesting to learn how we can come to terms with this phenomenon, especially in the philosophical, normative sense. So we look for abstracts that deal, for example, with ethical implications of globalizing information as well as theoretical analysis of the phenomenon in terms of whether local cultures will be obliterated or whether they can retain their identities in one way or another. Papers dealing with IT, culture and globalization in other ways will be considered too.