9. Surveillance

Chair: Jean-Gabriel Ganascia (University Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris: <Jean-Gabriel@Ganascia.name>)
Chair: Anders Albrechtslund (Aarhus: <alb@hum.au.dk>)

Papers for this track are not restricted to the traditional topics of this domain, which are more or less related to the violation of privacy due to the development of different information technologies (e.g. RFID, videosurveillance, health cards, etc.). The increasing presence of surveillance and sousveillance in multiple domains and ways raises many philosophical questions (including in ethics and political philosophy), e.g., the division between the private and the public sphere. At the same time, a number of researchers and commentators have noted positive aspects of, e.g., lateral and voluntary or participatory surveillance. Finally, the new political forms that are induced by total transparency are also of philosophical interest.